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As a small business you often need a solution to small production labels for your products, we have found a great solution to this-Sticker Mule

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New Shampoo Formula by The Sudsy Soapery™
August 2021

The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products has updated our shampoo formulations. We are now using a naturally derived surfactant called Sodium Cocoyle Isethionate as the cleanser in the the Silk and SheaCalendula shampoo formulations. Formerly, each of these were formulated with a unique soap base as the cleanser.   We strongly feel that this decision has improved the overall performance of our shampoo products, and especially when used with our popular natural conditioner bar.

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Common Uses today: Lavender is used as a tea, especially with chamomile before bed to aid in sleep. May also be used in the form of the oil as a massage to promote relaxation and sleep. Used to soothe skin irritation such as insect bites.

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Our newest quest in this journey has been to make available to you the natural ingredients we strive so diligently to source. Hence the birth of our new website, Mirapur™ Natural Oils. The goal of Mirapur™ Natural Oils is ultimately to make available to our customers both essential oils and carrier oils of the best quality.

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History: Peppermint is one herb that has historically been used in both Eastern and Western medicine. Evidence of peppermint use has been found in Egyptian tombs dated 1000 BC. It has been used for a variety of digestive complaints and pain relief.

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