Peppermint Profile

Peppermint Profile

Essential Oil Profile of Peppermint

Latin name: Mentha Piperita

History: Peppermint is one herb that has historically been used in both Eastern and Western medicine. Evidence of peppermint use has been found in Egyptian tombs dated 1000 BC. It has been used for a variety of digestive complaints and pain relief.

Common Uses today: Peppermint today is commonly used to relieve the symptoms of migraines, or to sooth nausea. It is sometimes used as an acne treatment. The inhalation of peppermint gives a feeling of openness, soothing the symptoms of nasal and chest congestion.

Scent Profile: Strong, minty smell, very camphoraceous

Constituents: The primary constituents of peppermint are menthol and menthone. It also contains small amounts of other components including limonene.


                Analgesic: Pain relieving without loss of consciousness.



                Antiphlogistic: Reducing inflammation or fever

                Antipruritic: Relieves itching





                Carminative: releases gas from the stomach


                Cordial: revives, invigorates

                Emmenagogue: promotes menstruation


                Febrifuge: Used to reduce fever

                Nervine: Used to calm the nerves

                Stomachic: Increases appetite, aids in digestion

                Vasoconstrictor: Narrows the blood vessels

                Vermifuge: kills parasitic worms

Note: Although herbs and essential oils  perform many actions similar to that of pharmaceuticals, they are not tested as pharmaceuticals for strength or efficiency to treat specific diseases. Herbs are properly used as a part of a healthy, natural life, but do not replace the advice of a skilled physician.

Essential oils are very concentrated and should be used appropriately. Do not use any essential oil ‘neat’ (undiluted, one or two drops, directly on skin) until you are confident of your own response to the oil.

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