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Rain™ Toner

Rain™ Toner

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Tonic, Rain™, Organic Witch Hazel, Calendula and Aloe

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Some of our favorite ingredients for skincare at the Sudsy Soapery Natural Products are Witch Hazel, Calendula and Aloe. We include some or all of these ingredients in many of our body and facial products.

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Our first ever tonic designed to cleanse and purify your face and add a facial cleansing and renewing.   May be used twice daily for optimum results.  We have carefully crafted Rain with the finest all natural fragrance that is as fresh as rain in the mountain meadows! 


Fern-like with top notes of melons and fir needle, jasmine, tea tree and fresh floral.   This natural fragrance is intoxicating and masculine.   It is fresh.  It is reviving.     


Wash your face.   Apply shaving or facial soap.   Rinse your face with cool water, then blot your face dry.   Put the toner on a cotton pad and in circular motions apply the toner.   After you have completed this then apply our Lotion or Creamy aftershave balm to your entire face for extra protection and moisture throughout your day.


Organic Witch Hazel, Water, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Aloe Leaf, Water, Natural Fragrance. 


Net weight 7.5 ounces.  8 inches round, 5.5 inches tall.  Amber Glass, recyclable  with screw top lid.  


Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  


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