Crimson Red 62% Organic Alcohol Spray

Naturally Since 2011

Our Story

In 2011, Kaycie told her husband, Jonathan that she would like to make soap, just as her friend at Church had encouraged her.  At first Jonathan was reluctant because it just seemed like another "craft".  After they made their first Castile soap,  he discovered that this wasn't just a craft, but an art! The soap changed them forever but most importantly it helped them to be healthier!  After a few short years of just making bar soap they started making there most popular and acclaimed shave soap.   Since that day in 2011, they have made thousands 100% natural bar soapsaromatherapy candleslotions , fantastic men's products and more! 

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Frosted Lemon™ Tallow Shaving Soap with Honey, Organic Aloe Leaf and Menthol

You may sniff this one and find that it becomes one of your most unique shaving soaps!   It has a generous portion of Organic Blue Mallee EucalptusLemongrass and USA Lemon essential.  Added to this is the moderate chill of menthol. You'll definitely breathe easy after this shave. It is powerful!   

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