New Shampoo Formula by The Sudsy Soapery™

New Shampoo Formula by The Sudsy Soapery™

New Shampoo Bars by The Sudsy Soapery

New Shampoo Formula by The Sudsy Soapery™
August 2021

The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products has updated our shampoo formulations. We are now using a naturally derived surfactant called Sodium Cocoyle Isethionate as the cleanser in the the Silk and Shea, Calendula shampoo formulations. Formerly, each of these were formulated with a unique soap base as the cleanser.   We strongly feel that this decision has improved the overall performance of our shampoo products, and especially when used with our popular natural conditioner bar.

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The main benefit of SCI is that it is very rinseable, even in hard water. The soap based formulas can mix with the mineral deposits in hard water and build up on the hair (think soap scum), requiring a conditioner or rinse (vinegar or lemon) to remove the build-up.

The other benefit of SCI is that is has a lower ph than the soap based formulas, more similar to the ph of our own hair shaft. Ideally a shampoo will be completely rinsed out and the conditioner (which is intended to leave a residue in the hair) will restore a natural ph. If if a soap based shampoo is not fully rinsed out however, it will leave a somewhat alkaline build-up on the shaft of the hair. This alkalinity can make the hair more subject to environmental damage.

We invite you to consider the natural, plastic free hair options, that create a phenomenal improvement to your daily natural hair routine!

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