Pamper Your Tresses with Silk and Shea Moisture Shampoo

Pamper Your Tresses with Silk and Shea Moisture Shampoo

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We have been working on a new recipe for shampoo for quite some time, trying to find a combination that is both cleansing but gentle enough for the driest of hair. We ended up with a formula that is loaded with shea butter. Also added is moisturizing and strengthening ingredients like honeyquat and hydrolyzed silk. It is liberally scented with hair friendly essential oils of Peppermint and Tea Tree.

The  shea butter and hemp seed oil combination is  very gentle and moisturizing oil for the hair and skin, leaving the hair moisturized, volumized but not weighed down. For additional moisture we have added honeyquat . Honeyquat is a humectant. In small amounts it encourages the hair to absorb and keep moisture from the air. Hydrolized silk is high in protein and strengthens the hair. It also adds ‘slip’ to aid in detangling and reduce breakage. Peppermint and Tea Tree oils may help to clear blocked hair follicles. Tea Tree is very antifungal and promotes moisture, while Peppermint promotes hair growth among other therapeutic enhancements.

To give a natural Color to this shampoo we have added a small amount of cocoa powder.

My favorite thing about this soap is how incredibly gentle and volumizing it is, but yet my hair is definitely clean. For best results follow up with The Sudsy Soapery Natural Conditioner Bar.

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