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New Shampoo Formula by The Sudsy Soapery™
August 2021

The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products has updated our shampoo formulations. We are now using a naturally derived surfactant called Sodium Cocoyle Isethionate as the cleanser in the the Silk and SheaCalendula shampoo formulations. Formerly, each of these were formulated with a unique soap base as the cleanser.   We strongly feel that this decision has improved the overall performance of our shampoo products, and especially when used with our popular natural conditioner bar.

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The primary function of the shampoo and conditioner bars by The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™ is to clean the hair!  Our Shampoo Bars are a very gentle cleanser made of saponified fatty acids; the way people have been cleaning themselves for a few thousand years. There are other ingredients to help with moisture, tangles static etc., but nothing that will coat and prevent natural breathability of the hair. The ingredients in Sudsy Sopaery’s™ shampoo and conditioner bars are water soluble, meaning they wash of with water. No need to keep going back to harsh detergents just to keep the silicones from caking up your hair.

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