Going Natural with Your Hair?-It Takes Time!

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Going Natural with Your Hair?-It Takes Time!

The industry standard in hair care today seems to have two goals in mind: first completely strip the hair of all natural moisture with a very strong detergent, then coat the hair with a silicone based sealant that smooths and detangles but is so strong, only a very strong detergent can clean it off or it will build up. So, of course, then consumers must go back to the same shampoo over and over again to keep their hair smooth and not built up. Some have concerns that not allowing the hair/scalp to breathe will, over time weaken the hair and trap microorganisms to the scalp, causing boils, dandruff etc.

The primary function of the shampoo and conditioner bars by The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™ is to clean the hair!  Our Shampoo Bars are a very gentle cleanser made of saponified fatty acids; the way people have been cleaning themselves for a few thousand years. There are other ingredients to help with moisture, tangles static etc., but nothing that will coat and prevent natural breathability of the hair. The ingredients in Sudsy Sopaery’s™ shampoo and conditioner bars are water soluble, meaning they wash of with water. No need to keep going back to harsh detergents just to keep the silicones from caking up your hair.

Are you ready to get off the roller coaster of stripping then coating, stripping then coating. You may be interested in trying a sulfate free shampoo bar from The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™, but I must warn you it is not always an easy transition. If you have been using a product with a silicone-based moisturizer in it, the old buildup will not come off in one washing, it will take time and repeated washing to get your hair back to its natural state.

The best analogy I can give is if you had an old porch painted with lead paint and you wanted to take it back down to the natural woodgrain. You go buy a paint stripper that is pretty strong but not so strong your terrified to use it. After one coat of stripper the porch is not going to look better. I can almost guarantee; it will look worse. But once you have removed all of the old paint and sanded it back to a natural finish, WOW!

Some things that might help in the meantime:

Acid based rinses like vinegar or lemon juice.

An oil-based moisturizer like coconut oil, shea or shea olein, rub into hands and then rub hands onto hair. Less is more. Start with a very small amount and increase as your hair’s natural ability to absorb is restored (yes, the man-made silicones in most shampoos completely destroy the hairs ability to absorb good healthy oils).

Be sure to rinse both the shampoo bar and the conditioner bar very, very well. Unlike most other hair care products, these products do not have any water added so they will require more water to rinse well.  Typically, one would rinse at least three to four times for desired results.    As with all-natural products results may vary.    

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  • Jean

    Thank you! I love your products, the shipping is so expensive for those of us overseas but your products are wonderful. I appreciate your article giving tips to ease into a new method of washing and conditioning ones hair.

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