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The Sudsy Soapery's Yellow Shea butter from our DIY body collection, comes from the seed of the Karite Tree a root from the Borututu Tree which is added to the Shea butter after extraction from the Shea Butter seed.   It is rich in antioxidants and is generally accepted as a use for eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.   Yellow shea absorbs slower and seems to provide longer relief from these symptoms.   It also seems to provide a slight tan for fairer skinned people.   

Perfect for you DYI body project!  

 PACKAGING: Disposable, food service plastic containers.  All packed together, unless otherwise specified.   If you add 8 to your cart you will get one 8 ounce container. 

INGREDIENTS: 100% Yellow Shea, Cosmetic grade, not food safe.

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Customer Reviews

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This is the only thing that works on my son's eczema but is also a great all body lotion. No more having to buy different lotions for different areas. Just one lotion to rule them all!

Wonderful on sensitive skin

I have extremely sensitive skin as well as eczema. This is working wonders on the dry patches and irritation on my skin. Thank you!!