The Cost of Natural Skin Care Products

The Cost of Natural Skin Care Products

The Cost of Natural Skin Care Products

A huge factor in choosing synthetic versus natural skin care products is the cost. It is something that artisans have to deal with on a day to day basis, balancing the desire to make an absolutely superior  natural skin care product with the knowledge that people already have a preconceived idea about how much a product should cost. Some of the reasons for the cost difference of synthetic versus natural skin care products are; the cost of ingredients, the smaller batch sizes and the more labor-intensive practices involved in natural skincare products.

One of the most important decisions a crafter of natural skin care products makes is the ingredients we use. Almost every natural skincare product we make at The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products begins with a quality, skin healthy oil, such as olive or hemp seed. A typical first ingredient in commercial soap is Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, a synthetically made detergent available in mass quantities. A typical commercial lotion will list water and glycerin as the first two ingredients and has no or only very little natural, plant-based oil in it. Any fragrance or colorant in a conventional skin care product is probably a man-made chemical that can be made cheaply and in abundance. The natural plant and mineral based fragrances in natural skin care products must be either mined or grown. Therefore, quantities will be limited and prices higher. With the basic starting materials so much more costly, it is easy to deduct that the final cost of a natural skin care product will be higher.

Another factor of importance is the batch sizes of all natural skin care products. Natural skin care products are by nature going to be less shelf stable than synthetic products. Natural skin care products must be made in smaller batch sizes, so they will sell before they expire. Smaller batch sizes end up requiring more labor per piece and therefore, higher costs for that labor, resulting in higher costs for the final product.

Finally, natural skin care products are very often made by artisan soap-makers and crafters, who are making not only a very good natural skin care product, but also a creative work of art. The pretty color, or creative swirl all take time to reproduce, but the end product is a product the consumer can fell good about. An artisan of natural skin care products will take the time to carefully guard temperatures, humidity and whipping speeds etc. so as not to lose any beneficial properties from the ingredients. The end result is a product the consumer can feel good about, knowing that every ingredient was both chosen and handled with care.

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While all of these factors increase the cost of the finished products, we do not believe that any of these proverbial corners should be cut. Your skin is your largest organ. The ingredients and handling of your natural skin care products is our top priority.


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