Handcrafted soap by The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products, Naturally Handcrafted in St. Louis, Mo.   Here at The Sudsy Soapery,™  we go the extra mile in the creation of our handcrafted soap.     Our desire is to provide a natural alternative to your bathing and grooming needs.    We have formulated hundreds of natural handmade recipes to complement the needs of each and every individual and their skin care needs.  

Natural soap has several benefits to the skin that commercial soaps do not have and meets the skin care needs of not only the sensitive skin, but also provides a great skin care for those whose skin may not have sensitivities at all.

The Sudsy Soapery™ makes several different types of naturally handcrafted soap right here in St. Louis, Mo.  a place where natural skin care is finding a home.   The Sudsy Soapery™ has carefully desired to use only 100% natural ingredients with special attention to ingredients that have purpose and rise above the commercial industries tricky marketing ploys to “pretend” that what they offer is better by only using a small percentage of natural oils and blending them carefully to entice the consumer to a synthetic soap that is neither natural nor wholesome.

Below is a list of some different soaps that we make and following this bulleted list you will find brief paragraphs about each type of naturally handcrafted soap made in St. Louis, Mo.

Earl Grey Limited Edition Made with 100% Olive Oil

The very first bar we made here at The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™ in St. Louis, was our signature Castile soap.     Castile soap is possibly one of the most moisturizing and cleansing soaps that you will ever use.      It is made using the finest 100% pure olive and essential oils.   We have recently altered some of the castile recipes to include the very popular and soothing goat milk, we source the goat milk from a local farm, the goat milk is an emollient among other things that provides a soothing and suitableness to the skin that is far beyond anything you have ever experienced!

Our Sudsy Soapery traditional blend

Many of our bars are made using our signature base, these categories of naturally handcrafted soap include, exfoliating soap, Goat soap, Oat soap and Yogurt soap.    We formulated this signature base with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor, Hemp, and RSPO Palm Kernel Oil.   These oils were carefully selected to provide us with a soap bar that gently explodes with perfect bubbles.   It leaves the skin both renewed and allows the pores to breathe with elasticity and moisture.   We have found that the cleansing action and moisture are perfectly balanced to bring both lasting and natural satisfaction that goes beyond the bath!

We have taken the Sudsy Soapery blend and added goat milk instead of water.    Goat milk is high in fatty acid content, is emollient and extremely moisturizing.    Some of the best qualities of goat milk are:

  • It is rich in vitamins, A, C, B1, E and even B12!
  • Helps repair damage
  • High in natural capric-caprylic triglyceride (CCT), which is a natural moisturizer
  • Retains all of the natural glycerin, which is a great cleanser and aids in the skins natural elasticity 
  • Rich in natural alpha hydroxy acid, which promotes rejuvenation and facilitates exfoliation.

Rose Clay Pink Facial Soap


Facial Soap

We believe that the face is a perfect opportunity for one to experience cleansing and moisturizing that may aid in the retention and elasticity of the skin, so that wrinkle and pimples causing environmental build ups can be washed away.    This is exactly why we have developed a few natural facial soap bars, so that you can wash your face gently and effectively without all the sulfates and chemicals that may otherwise negate the joy of what a clean, well maintained natural face may feel like.  

Sea Salt-Original Scent


Sea Salt Soap

of the secrets of the soapmaking world is the Sea Salt bar if you have never used one before it is a must try.   It has been used by many to both gently exfoliate and act as a humectant to draw moisture to the skin.     We use Coconut, Shea and Kokum in our bars to aid in the cleansing action that the Pacific Sea Salt brings.    We absolutely recommend this bar to those who may have a hard time with excess dry and flaky skin, it is great for this.   Some of the benefits of using the Sea Salt Soap include:


  • Sea salt bars a perfectly exfoliating
  • They can be gently detoxifying
  • In many cases they are found to reduce acne
  • They provide minerals that may aid in skin rejuvenation
  • In some cases they have been found to help reduce minor inflammation and skin irritation

Pet  Shampoo

Pet shampoo is great for many reasons, the main reason is your pet will look and feel so much better and the need to bathe may be apparently a better experience than you have ever had because you will not have to fuss with the inconvenience of plastic bottles, just wet, lather, rinse and voila,  you’re done!    We absolutely love bathing our dog with this soap.     It is rich in bug repelling essential oils like Peppermint and Eucalyptus and have a very moisturizing a soothing effect with the addition of Oatmeal and Babassu and Neem oil.     Neem oil is a great natural outdoor bug repellent too!   If your dog has dry skin, look no further this soap, the soap may define a new frontier for you and your pet!  

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Shampoo bar with Calendula

The shampoo bar is one of our best sellers here at The Sudsy Soapery™ it has made its way to the top and continues to bring many newcomers to its attraction.    The shampoo bar soaps that we offer are carefully crafted and each ingredient purposefully used to help not only the hair but also the scalp.   There performance is a cleansing machine capable of changing the way you think about shampoo.    Most of all of the shampoo bars include some kind of natural extract that aids in the moisture of the hair follicles and helps replenish them.    We highly recommend using our conditioner bar or a conditioner after the use of this product, many find that this helps reduce frizz, adds moisture and reduces static. 


Yogurt Soap

At the Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™ we set out to make our yogurt soap super creamy and this was the result; a soap that was the creamiest, softest feeling soap that you have ever had!    A truly unique experience, this soap is rich in natural milk fats!   A portion of this soap contains Lactic acid which has been found by many to provide soothing to irritated skin and and gentle exfoliation to skin that just needs a little boost to renew it.   If you are looking to revitalize, try one of these amazing bars and walk away feeling luxurious. 

Lye Soap

Your great grandmother probably made lye soap, it is typically made from animal fat and the ashes from the wood pile in the back.      The neat thing about lye soap is it is the pre-curser to the soap that we have today.    Lye soap is great for many household uses such as:

  • Laundry Soap
  • Laundry Stains
  • Keep out ants in the Kitchen
  • Dish Washing
  • Body Washing
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