Pine and Cedar Creamy Aftershave Balm

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Pine and Cedar Shaving Soap

Imagine walking through the deep forests in the Siberian outdoors.    The fresh pine bursting in the air, reminding you of the deep forests.    A settled fragrance with a gentle reminder of the deep, crisp pine forest.

Scent Profile

A strong scent of fir needle with slight nuances of cedarwood and fresh Juniper and a warm burst of ancient Frankincense. 

 Our mango hemp lotion formulation for Creamy After Shave Balm is specifically designed to provide natural moisture and protection to the face without a greasy feeling. The texture is that of a thick lotion to  thin cream. This is a natural, handmade cream without petroleums or synthetic emulsifier. It will have an oily feeling immediately after applying but it absorbs quickly, as opposed to a petroleum that just coats the skin. Aftershave balm. 2 oz.



Apply a small amount to the palms of hands and rub into entire face avoiding eyes.


This is a 100% natural shaving cream.  Made in house, from scratch with the finest all natural ingredients.  No petroleum or Propylene Glycol and never any harmful chemicals.  You'll immediately discover the difference.  Some separation may occur-do not fret, just give it a shake (with the lid on) or stir it up a bit. 


Ingredients: Hemp, Water, Witch Hazel, Mango Butter,  Beeswax, Glycerin, Vegetable, USP, Cetearyl Alcohol (from sustainably sourced Coconut and Palm oils), 100% Pure Essential Oils, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E.

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