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Release Schedule 2017-2018

Here is our release schedule for 2018 (more to come soon)

November 16, 2018. Release time 7:00 PM CST

  • Pink Peppermint surprise limited edition signed and numbered shave soap.   Only 55 will ever be released.   A wonderful candy-like sweet triple-distilled Peppermint complemented with Rose Kaolin Clay.    Accompanying products include Pink Peppermint Body Soap and Creamy Aftershave Balm!     
January 15, 2018
  • A limited pour of Delor.  Our Yellow Shea whipped shave soap with French Yellow Clay and, the crowning joy of it all, Chatillon Lux's Delor de Tegret poured all over to create a powerful union of the most sought after soap we have ever made!  

  • Plus a new collaboration and bonus of Chatillon Lux's Delor de Tregret scented bar soap.   First ever, we will be manufacturing a handcrafted bar soap using the Delor Fragrance, to complement!   So, if you wanted the full bathing and shaving experience you could shower with the body soap, shave with Sudsy Soapery's shaving soap, the follow-up with Chatillon's post shave salve,  toner or aftershave!

February 5, 2018

  • Our traditional whipped shave soap base with a resplendent, yet gentle addition of rose essential oil and a touch of spicy and stable black pepper essential oil.   This offering will be provided you along with a creamy aftershave balm and a Sea Salt body bar soap.
    Check back often to hear of our latest releases and updates to them.   Subject to change without notice.  Last Updated: 01/27/2018