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Top O' the Morning Tallow Shaving Soap with Honey, Organic Aloe Leaf and French Green Clay

Top O' the Morning Tallow Shaving Soap with Honey, Organic Aloe Leaf and French Green Clay

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Top O' the Morning Tallow Shaving Soap with Honey, Organic Aloe Leaf and French Green Clay

This Top O' the Morning shave soap with Tallow has a refreshing and cool Irish morning scent.   It is fresh and robust and probably the most amazing scent The Sudsy Soapery™ has ever stumbled on.   Mostly all of our scents are mixed in house by an amazing tried and true process of blending essential oils into perfect harmony with each other. 

You will be amazed with the slickness of our signature tallow formula and generously packed with the finest quality all natural essential oils! 

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Saponified Stearic Acid, Beef Tallow, Palm (RSPO), Coconut, Castor, Kokum Butter, French Green Clay, 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Sodium Lactate, Honey, Beeswax, Lanolin, Organic Aloe Leaf, Green Oxide. 

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sean Vallieu (Venice, US)
Great shave soap & splash

DFS this morning. New soap and matching splash along with a new brush.

The soap made a latherpalooza. Very nice scent. I added the menthol drops to the scuttle after the 1st pass. The soap was very slick and had great cushion and residual slickness. The soap and mild razor combo were so smooth I actually over shaved for the 1st time in a looooong while. After some needed pickups I went back to other areas that didn’t really need it.

I could see some slight razor burn and the Barbedeaux lotion let me KNOW I had shaved too close, especially on my cheeks. But the lotion calmed down the inflammation. And then the splash with its menthol really soothed my skin and smells great.

Travis R. (Denver, US)
New favorite!

This soap is probably the best I have used in terms of easy loading of the brush and how quickly it lathers up. This scent is so refreshing and complex to my it! Loads of creamy lather from a small amount of soap, and the cushion and slickness are top notch! my post shave face feels soft and supple...I highly recommend this soap!..give it a try and see the excellence for yourself!

Scott Singleton (Oak Harbor, US)
Great value

Finest shaving soap around.

Bill Mc (Lansdale, US)
Another great soap

Same as other soaps from here I’ve tried. Outstanding performance great scent simple a great shave soap

Darren Drayer (Churubusco, US)
Makes a Great Morning

This soap explodes into lather the instant it touches my shaving brush. The lather whips up rich and slick, providing a great cushion for my face as I shave. It gives a great shave.

In addition to the performance, this soap has a unique and lovely aroma. It is reminiscent of walking through a lightly wooded glade in the early morning. It is fresh and lively.