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Uplift, Tallow Shaving Soap with Honey, and Organic Aloe Leaf

Uplift, Tallow Shaving Soap with Honey, and Organic Aloe Leaf

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Uplift, Tallow Shaving Soap with Honey, and Organic Aloe Leaf


We are pleased to introduce our very first Beef Tallow shave soap.   It is replete with skin enhancing and conditioning ingredients.    We have also added extra humectants for a close and truly amazing shave!    

Uplift is refreshing and invigorating.   Lemony and Bright with deep hints of a Lemongrass scent.   It is light, yet Uplifting.  A generous blend of two of the highest aromatherapy grade amazing essential oils, May Chang and Lemon.  The blend of these brings a satisfying, refreshment to your shave routine! 




Directions:  Place generously on face with a wet shaving brush and shave.  Rinse with warm water.


Saponified Stearic Acid, Beef Tallow, Palm Kernel, Coconut, Castor, Kokum Butter, Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Sodium Lactate, Honey, Beeswax, Lanolin, Organic Aloe Leaf.



Net weight 5.5 ounces.  3.5 inches round, 1.75 inches tall.  PETE recyclable straight-sided amber plastic container with screw top lid.  


Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tony (Vancouver, US)
I will ignore the religious crap , because this soap is the best of the best

This tallow based soap is no. 1 in my book. It is slicker than slick. The best of the best . I have used at least 8 to 10 superior, high quality .shaving soaps in the last several years and this tallow based shaving soap from Sudsy Soapery is better than the best. All of the shaving soaps are excellent but Sudsy Soapery has perfected their formula . It is an extremely soft soap/crope that I remove from the 4 oz. tub and place in my shaving bowl. Talk about a think and rich foam that gets established quickly. I would definately say it had great "cushion" if I actually knew what "cushion" meant. I have other soaps in my draw , but once they are done, I'm going back to the tallow Sudsy Soapery for sure. I can do without the religion suggestion on the label since IMO there is no room for fantasy religion and business. Sell the damn stuff without dumping your religious beliefs on me. Keep it to yourself thank you very much. Usually i will move on because I don't like being proselytized , but I will make an exception because they are a small business and the product that I bought was better than the other ones I have used.

JOHN MEYER (Glendale, US)
Great value and quality

I really like how the Uplift shaving soap lathers. I pretty much make a lather in the same way every day. Put a small amount of soap in my bowl and wet the brush enough to start frothing things up. The Uplift performed perfectly. It came up to the consistency I like quickly. The value for what I got was extraordinary. You prove that a good soap can still be offered at a reasonable price. I will continue to buy from you as long maintain a good price point.
I lived in St. Louis all my life and am glad to find a hometown company. In fact I worked not to far from where you are located for 36 yrs. Keep up the good work.

Benjamin (Franklin, US)
Excellent performance, invigorating scent

Wow, this scent is terrific. A very bright, refreshing lemon scent, practically effervescent, and I love that it's all essential oils. The lather was a nice shiny, wet, protective lather with a noticeably high level of slickness. The razor just glided across my face with ease. SS makes excellent products for a killer price.

LS (Hopewell Junction, US)
Nice Lather!

Quick lather that provides a shave with nice cushion and slickness. Great refreshing scent & all essential oils is a big benefit!! Sudsy shave soaps are great.

Andrew F.
Uplift Tallow Shave Soap

Great cushion and slickness with quality ingredients. Up there with the best.