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Orange Castile Soap with Honey and Oatmeal

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Orange Castile Soap with Honey and Oatmeal


This soap will probably be one of your very favorite soap scents, especially if you like tangy orange!  Our Orange soap is considered a castile soap which is made up of at least 50% olive oil, making it one of the most moisturizing soaps at The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™.    Added to all this is the gently exfoliating oatmeal which is perfect for remove your dead and dry skin cells! 


Juicy bold Orange scent, citrus-like and sweet.

Castile Soap: Made with over 50% olive oil, Coconut Oil, Shea have been added for moisture
Essential Oils: 100% Natural
Color: Orange Turmeric and Natural Orange from the Essential oil.


Saponified Olive and Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, 100% Pure Essential Oils, Honey, GF Oatmeal, Safflower Petal, Orange Peel, Pink and Red Rose Petals, Turmeric Powder, Calendula Flower.

PLEASE NOTE:  Handmade Orange Castile Soap with Honey and Ground Apricot Kernel (for Exfoliation) will last a long time but only if kept dry between uses. Use a soap dish that drains and keep it in a place away from standing water.

NOTE: Our images are for reference only. Products are made by hand using natural ingredients. Please allow for color and design differences in your finished products.

IMPORTANT: Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

PACKAGING: All bars are wrapped in a Kraft paper with soap type listed inside. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great soap.

The men's big fat soap was the first I tried. Bay and citrus. It was a great soap. I actually like these castile soaps even more. They seem to moisturize a bit.

Andrea Hewitt (Blue Ridge Summit, US)
Great scent

Great soap as usual from Sudsy Soapery! Wonderful lather.

Mary Walker (Kansas City, US)
Citrus clean

I love citrus soap especially as the weather gets warmer. It smells heavenly and really lathers well. I will be buying this one again!

jennifer foggy (St Louis, US)

Orange Castile Soap with Babassu, Ground Apricot Kernel (for Exfoliation)

Jarrel A Marshall (Sandusky, US)

Orange Castile Soap with Babassu, Ground Apricot Kernel (for Exfoliation)