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Natural Deodorant, Aluminum Free, Sandalwood Citrus

Natural Deodorant, Aluminum Free, Sandalwood Citrus

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Natural Deodorant, Aluminum Free, Sandalwood Citrus


Sandalwood Citrus Scent Natural Deodorant is a woodsy citrus scent. It utilizes essential oils with strong deodorant properties.

Our natural deodorant has a fresh citrus, gender friendly scent and is free of harmful chemicals and rich in moisturizing properties.    It has developed over a six month painstaking process so that it can fulfill its duty to be satisfactory for different skin types.  Paraben, baking soda and aluminum free.

Tested to last 24 hours.


Apply to under arms, feet or body with your fingers after you have showered.  May be used as a lotion after application.   


Coconut oil, Beeswax, Zinc Ricinoleate, Hemp Seed Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend, Calendula Extract (organic). 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mrs B (Bowie, US)
Love it

I have been using this for years. I really enjoyed Renew the best. I am very sad to see that this is the only formula being made now. It doesn't work as well. I tried the stick formulas and they definitely don't work for me. What I like about this product is it's very moisturizing. I still have to use additional products on top of this, but I love this as the foundation because it keeps my skin from drying out from the additional product that I use on top of this one. I apply this like a facial moisturizer under my arms and then I put on my underarm "foundation". The Renew, (pink colored top), worked so well for me that I didn't need anything else. Body chemistry definitely makes life difficult. I highly recommend this product, especially if you have very dry skin under your arms which makes it prone to rashes and irritation from apply just about everything on it This product helps combat dryness so that your skin becomes healthy and resilient. I ran out and tried to live without it. What a mistake. My underarms are dried out and discolored now. I really appreciate this company and this product even more now. Please bring back Renew!

B Pearson (Liberty, US)

This deodorant is wonderful. I have found that I need to use an all natural deodorant, but most are sadly ineffective for me. This stuff is the most effective natural deodorant I have found. It truly does work for me for about 24 hours. I have not found anything else that comes close to that sort of performance. The swirl-your-fingers-and-rub-it-on application method isn't my favorite, but it's a price I'm willing to pay. This stuff works.
The sandalwood citrus scent is subtle but very pleasant - more on the masculine side for sure to my nose.

Mrs B (Washington, US)
Nice formula!

This formulation works way better for my body chemistry than the lavender-scented version. I like it because it is improving the look and texture of my dried out underarms. The use of traditional, chemically-laced deodorants over the past several decades has truly disfigured the sensitive skin of my underarms. I have been using this product for months and can see a huge improvement as my skin is becoming more normal. Although it might take a couple of years to look absolutely normal again, using this deodorant is beginning to change the integrity of the skin for the better. It also works as a deodorant, so I am not complaining. I highly recommend this product. Just remember that deodorant is comprised of oil and will melt in warm temperatures. Keep the product flat and the lid screwed on completely at all times to avoid spills.

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Zack L.
It smells so good! And

It smells so good! And lasts pretty long. Hard to find a natural deodorant that works well for my armpits but these ones have not failed me!

Andi (Huntersville, US)
Works very well

I’ve been using natural deodorants for more than five years, and I can tell in the first day if a deodorant isn’t going to work for me. The sandalwood scent is a bit strong for me, so Pit Stop might be a better choice, since I prefer citrus scents. I’ve used this maybe ten times already, and it has helped to control my odor on all but one day. Strangely enough, I used more on that day than the others. So, less is better for me. I usually work out in the mornings, and the previous day’s application usually lasts me through my morning workout without any smell, AND without any need to reapply before I leave. I only need to use a small fingernail-sized amount, too, or my underarms will feel slightly wet. This jar will last a long time, and I’ll definitely repurchase. The shipping was extremely fast, too!