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Beard Oil, Cedarwood Blend

Beard Oil, Cedarwood Blend

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The Sudsy Soapery’s Beard oil is designed to strengthen your beard, condition it and prevent beard itch, skin irritation and beardruff.

Scent Description: 

Directions: place a few drops in hand and work into beard.  You may wish to use a beard comb afterwards. 

Ingredients: Ingredients: Argan, Hemp, Castor, and Shea Olean Oils, 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Johnny Davison (Asheville, US)
Awesome beard oil

I’ve used a lot of beard oils on the market. This stuff is right up there with the best of them. It’s a medium viscosity oil that has a yellowish tint to it. The essential oil blend is fantastic. Clean and fresh smelling . . Almost a little bit of mint at the application that fades into the cedar wood over the course of an hour or so. The oil smells nice on my skin and in my beard for a few hours which is the perfect amount of time: long enough to enjoy it after application but not long enough that you’ll be smelling it as you try to sleep at night (unless of course you shower in the evening and even then it’s a nice relaxing and fresh scent).
I’d love for Sudsy to come out with a thin viscosity oil that uses fractionated coconut oil as the main oil as it’s shelf life is incredibly long and the feel in beard is a nice alternative to have from a medium or a thick oil. If they did come out with one, I’d use the thin oil one day and the medium oil the next. My beard loves that alternation between oils. Something to consider, Sudsy! Thanks for make a great oil at an affordable price. 10/10

Thomas Wallace (Folsom, US)
Best Beard Oil

Absolutely superior product. So many different Artisans making beard products, but you never really know what your getting. You have to trust your purchasing from someone with integrity, and the Sudsy Soapery has always been someplace I’ve gone where I knew I was buying quality made products using quality ingredients. This beard oil has Argan, Hemp, Castor and She Olean.... all the most important ingredients, blended perfectly. The scent is wonderful and actually lasts for more than 15 minutes like most, and besides conditions my skin as is a beard oils main purpose, it makes my beard feel soft and utterly magnificent. My only complaint is I wish Sudsy Soapery would expand its line and make a butter and a balm. Thank you Sudsy Soapery, you have always given me excellent products from when I was cold shaving to now with my full beard