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Sudsy Soap Net

You have not had anything like this before!   It will bring long lasting goodness to your shower and bathing routine by providing some of the best lather and re-usability you have ever had! 

Our Simple Soap Nets are not only reusable but also very recyclable They aid in properly drying the  bar soap and are hygienic.  The double mesh design produces a thick, cleansing lather and exfoliating and deep scrubbing action   

Some really good and helpful benefits of the Sudsy Soapery Simple Body Soap Nets is:

  • A fast sudsy lather
  • The strap hangs on your wrist, faucet or shower head
  • It hangs up and allows the soap proper dry time between uses
  • Perfectly made for Sudsy Soapery Bar Soaps
  • It is great for on-the-go as well
  • USA Made
  • Made using a recyclable, non absorbent polymer

You may also wish to try our amazing Soap Standle, great for your soap at the sinj or in the shower to help keep your soap dry between uses!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Karen (Kansas City, US)
Soap net is great!

It not only allows the soap to dry freely, which helps it last twice as long, but doubles as a shower scrub and creates plenty of lather! I love the fact that if you order multiple nets they each have their own color of tightening bead so it's easy to distinguish who's is who's in the shower. Thank you for creating such a smart product and at a great price! 😊

Krista C (Chesterfield, US)
Best accessory for bar soap!

I love these net bags. They create great suds, plus are awesome for exfoliating. Bought a bunch so I always have them on hand.

Sharon W. (Abingdon, US)
Soap net

It works well. Able to lather up when taking a shower and then hang it up and the soap lasts a long time.

Felicia Linear (Florissant, US)
Great Products !!!

Love it.

Miles (Florissant, US)

So, I received miscellaneous fragrances and soaps, but the odds and ends are a great way to save money. You know you are still receiving top drawer quality products. The odds and ends package is a great deal with the same top notch quality ingredients.