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My Favorite Things

A collection of Kaycie’s favorite products. 

Rose Clay Mask
Each Rose Clay Mask boosts all the pore cleansing benefits of a mud mask, only gentler. Still be sure to follow up with a good moisturizer. We like unrefined shea.

Unrefined Shea
Our Unrefined Shea is packed with skin loving nutrients and is very low on the comedogenic scale. We use it liberally as a facial moisturizer and a little more sparingly as a hair moisturizer. To use in hair, melt a small amount by rubbing it briskly between hands. When it is fully melted rub hands and fingers through hair.

Sea Salt Soap
The original scent  Sea Salt Soap Is such a hard bar of soap it can sit on the sink all day and get splashed but never get soggy. I also use it a few times a week for exfoliation.
White Sage and Lime 
The White Sage and Lime is my favorite scent in the men’s collection. Lime just smells like pure happiness and the Sage deepens it with masculine undertones.

Peppermint Lip Balm
I like the staying power of the lip balm and what can beat peppermint coolness.

Peppermint Shampoo
Speaking of peppermint it feels so good on your scalp. Plus with the protein added I do not need a conditioner with this shampoo. I do follow up with a bit of shea for moisture. Every hair texture is different so keep your conditioner handy. If you feel you need a little more rinse aid follow up with a conditioner.

African Black Soap
I just love this soap for my face and sometimes even use it in place of shampoo. It is reported (and based on my experience) to help with blackheads. Follow up with a good moisturizer.

Dead Sea Clay Soap
I like the gentleness of this face soap for an everyday soap. I sometimes also use it as a body soap.

Patchouli Peppermint
This bar soap has a little extra emoliance (making soft or supple) with the added goat milk. The scent is a good blend of bright peppermint with dark undertones of patchouli.

Vanilla Bath Bomb
I’m a tub lover. I will happily slave away all day making soap, but I must have my time to sit and soak. (It’s work too you know, product testing). The vanilla bath bomb with its cocoa butter rose is the perfect bath accompaniment. 

Women’s Balance Massage
I love the scent of this combination of lavender and clary sage, especially when I’m feeling moody or uptight. It is very relaxing and balancing.